Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Super busy week right now!

So as i write this, its thanksgiving eve. The busiest drinking night of the year. yay me. whats on the docket for the next few days you ask? well just pull up a chair, and ill fill you in. this evening is first, emily's wedding rehearsal at holy trinity in mo-ville and then me and heather brown will be making our way to south philly for cheese steaks and mr michael bubles! tickets courtesy of dad which were courtesy of B101! then tomorrow is thanksgiving and my BF is coming over for dinner to meet the parents. Im scared for him! mom is a bit to handle, but i love her! and then friday ill pick up my bridesmaid dress and saturday is the big day! so excited! ok thats pretty much it for me! peace out!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i blog because jeff tells me to

Let's see...what has happened since Valentine's day? A fuck ton, that's what! Some of the big things, uhmmmmmm where to begin...? Well, the main thing is we lost one of our pooches. Poor Mickey somehow broke his back. He was OK for a couple of months. He did'nt feel any pain and could just scoot himself around. Sadly, sometime in April, his kidneys started failing and they had to have him put down. Poor pooch. Here's a pic of him in his wiener wheelchair:

So that happened.

On a completely different note, on July 23rd I started dating my super awesome boyfriend David. God damn do I love him! True story!

A big thing-Vikki joined the navy, went through boot camp and A school and is now stationed in San Diego.

I ended up in the hospital after months of migraines/vomiting/weakness. Turns out i have an overactive thyroid which gave me hypercalcemia that damn near took my life. I now also have a heart condition. Whomp. A 10 day stint in the hospital also landed me 3 months of disability. I dont go back to work until December 1. I actually miss work and everyone there! Because of all those health issues, I lost over 50 pounds!! I went from a 24 to an 18...i can actually squeeze it into a 16. I lost so much weight I had to trade bridesmaid dresses with Meghan and STILL have to get mine taken in! Totes not complaining though. I haven't been an 18 or 16 in i don't know how long!

There is also our new Podcast Bullsnap. SHOW PLUG! Download that shit and subscribe on itunes!!

I donno what else to write so I'm gonna end it here! Keep it real!