Monday, March 23, 2009

BTW, i LOVE these kids!

Hopefully buying my tix for Peaches at the TLA manana! with my two favie gays! <3

oh what a weekend!

So my birthday was the week..YAYS! so we went to finnegans wake in philly. GOOD TIMES! and my friends came out Vikki, Jess, Jeffrey, Heather, Jim, Melissa, her sister, duffy, her friend, matty, elyse, eggy, larissa, maryann, tory, laura, emily, jim and of course my favie puerto rican, adam. And poor adam! i got drunk and sooooooo creepy! but it was fun. i didnt throw up from drinkies, but was SUPER hungover the next day. GAY. plus i didnt make it to the zoo this weekend...OOPSIES! but i love my gifties! i got dirty romance novels, a book mark and a singing HSM3 card from emily and jim. A singing bad to the bone card from i have no idea who cuz its not signed haha. Oh and jeff got me a goodie bag of prezzies! he got me a saterical facebook book, an AMAZING obama, president of awesome pin, a "who farted" projector pin, a "bottoms up bitches its my birthday" shot glass and a funny hillary clinton card. I love Jeff hard! haha oh and work bf didnt show up. He wasnt even in work today to scorn. Sadzies. oh wells...ENJOY SOME PICS!

Ok i dont feel like putting anymore up haha go to myspace ( ooor facebook! <3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

if you can read this, youve already read it.

Hello pumpkins!

whats the haps? so i totally forgot to b-log about chelsea! when was it? march 7th i think...i cant remember. She was HILAR tho! loves her! Went to the movies with the BF....and by BF i mean josh of course hahaha. Saw Miss March....FUCKING AWESOME!!!! horsedick.mpeg...ALL I GOT! hahah Also, i would like to say i have a new additcion...thanks to josh...

Repo the genetic opera...UHMMM LOVE IN MY MOUTH. I suggest you netflix that ish

Also, work is doing a biggest loser contest. Its $15 per person and of course i signed up for that shit cuz im fat. ALSO because HR put $1000.00 up in there. Soooooooo thats fun.

Today me the pa dukes and the boys went for a walk in the neighbordhood behind mi casa...heres an artists rendering!

As you can see, i did not have a pic of the pa dukes, soooo i used a black and white obama. Also, today was the first time we tried the gentle leader head collar on robert. he was none too pleased. first in the house he threw a fit pulling and tryna get it off and freaking out. Then while we were walking he tried rubbing his face on things to get it off...these included:a mack truck, an audi, a newspaper, a driveway and a man hole cover. Hes clearly retarded.

IM GETTING A PARROT TOO! YAY ME! My friend dan got his grandfathers parrot cuz the man isnt doing too well so after much convincing of the parental ma dukes said i could get it. Dan cant keep it cuz he has his own parrot and now room...bummer...but the parrots name is Bud and hes an african grey...HOOORAH! oh wellz...ill leave you lovelies with this...

later much ace faces!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

without rape, whos gonna buy your whistles?

So whats new in my life. A HELL OF A LOT!(of nothing). Went to the Khyber to see Hesta Prynn(of northern state fame) in her new band Civil Shepard. She was hella cool.
Me and Hesta...and obama.

I was also excited to find out that mr Bo Burnham(of interwebs and opening for Joel Mchale in NY fame) will be gracing us with his presence at the Troc in may. YUS! im gonna meet/touch him. HELLO LEGAL AGE!

For those of yous who have no idea who he is... him. I also came accross this peice of youtube gold...

ANNND lastly im excited for my bday! 3/20 at Finnegans Wake! BE THERRRE!

My work BF will be there (swoooon!)

hugs kisses and vagheens!