Saturday, February 21, 2009

Its no fun to be sick...

So ive been sick for the past coupla days. Not good!! and its not even like a good sick like food poisoning or the plague...its an upper respiratory infection. BOOO. At least with the plague thats a helluva story to tell people. Oh well. such is life. Sucks cuz i cant even go out cuz i feel shitty. Im all weak and fatigued. So the doctor put me on a Z pack and some meds for the symptoms. Bahhh

Monday, February 16, 2009

So its been a bit of a while...

Theres really nothing new or too exciting going on...minus the TWSS merchandise possibilities! Lets see, where to start? Well there was Alicia's bday at finnegans wake. It was pretty bad was $20.00 at the door for all you could drink well drinks and domestic beers...i of course being the alchoholic i am took major advantage and downed like 5-6 cranberry-vodkas. Poor beckie had to take me home too hahahaha TAKE THAT! the next day me and beckie went to ny for phantom of the opera...uhmm yea...tears! i friggan love that show...annnnnnd the book was good too...extremly different than the show, but good. Me and beckie also saw the scenic at the troc. I was busier with talking to the bartender who kinda reminded me of...well, just incase the kid i speak of ever reads this, i wont use his name. But the bartender looked like a younger version of him. he was snazzy and liked my neil diamond shirt....IM A FAGGOT! Iv also been deep into the sorry ricky blog. Those kids are the bomb. Speaking of those angels, they sent me and my huge vageen(haha) a sexy valentine...ANNND i showed everyone and they liked it. No...they LOVED! On a sadder note, the fish in the office fish tank are dying :(. Even me and jess' big orange friends harry potter and harmoine. There were a few here and there that died and some that wernt looking too good. And then i come into work after the long weekend and it looks like a goddamn mass suicide in the fish tank...a la heavans gate. All the fishes have little white dots all over them cuz they fish guy (who blames us for over feeding them....prick) put in new baby fish like 2 weeks ago. Well apparently those fish were sick. Now they are dying. I have pictures!

And BTW, Nike designed heavens gate inspired dunks...and they are FAB. anywhoozle, thats pretty much all i got. Ill try to stay more on top-this-bitch. later much!