Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm going to go into the sex pit and laugh at you...HOLD PLEASE."

So the weekend was exciting. Started off with Vikki's bday celebrash which i didnt stay out for too long cuz i was in a bad mood. That was friday. We went to Shenanagans, I had fuzzy navals. And a couple beers. Then there was saturday. In the begining of the day i caught a little of Barack's whistle stop tour starting right here in good ol philly. Then Jeff picked me up and it was allll down hill from there! Got some gummy sharks and gatorade at wawa. Ultimatly left my full bottle of grade at jeff's house. Then we went to NYC. We walked to Comix through Chelsea, which for those of you who dont know, is the gayborhood. So we walked past Unicorn Video and novelties, a bar called Rawhide, and Rainbow station. So we get to comix and we are in the bar and low and behold i spy Eugene Mirman walking around. And im creepily staring at him...cuz im a creep. Then me and tash go and order a drank. I was looking at the bar menu and there were numbers next to the drinks. so it said "raspberry mojito 14". So im all $14.00, seems reasonable for a comedy club in new york. Well i got there unknowingly at happy hour and the price was actually only $5.00. So then i turn to tash and am like, "so i guess they arnt prices next to the drinks, cuz that would mean that one is $395.00." to which tash responds "thats cuz its for a bottle of cristal". and i was all..."oh, makes sense. der." And then i got made fun of for my gourmet pear salad which was banging! Then the host goes on who was this kid from Pakistan. He was mad funny. The second guy wasnt that great until he started with his impersonation of christopher walkin. HILARIOUS. and then eugene mirman came on and i laughed so hard i had tears.

Heres a pic of eugene and the pakistany kid. His name escapes me cuz it was hard to say.

And here is eugene and the second dud Larry Murphey-

And then heres ME AND EUGENE!

All in all me jeff nikki and natasha had a good ole time! Then i went to the pub and capped off the night with Jim in my lap in the back of the car and a nice tall PBR

Thursday, January 15, 2009

looking forward to the weekend....

Faithful followers. How goes it? Nothing too exciting. Beckie is finally 21 now. we went to red robin for her bday and of course the waitor recognized me and jess from the pub. But he totally told us he would buy us a beer next time we ran into him. he was cute too. Also, tomorrow to celebrate vikki's bday, we are going to da bar (trashy sounding, idnt it?) in fairless hills. should be fun. Saturday im pysched for! going to NYC to see Eugene Mirman at comix. Jeffefa does stand up at comix as well. He thinks hes funny, but he aint. JKK! <3 Its gonna be me jeff, nix and tash on a whirlwind adventure in the big apple! Psych, besides broadway and comedy shows, i hate ny. tevs. Thats pretty much all thats going on. Oh and our hot water heater doesnt work so i have to take cold morning philly....really? oh wells...STAY BLACK!!!!

PS-id like to send a special thanks to the TWSS podcast boys. I stumbled upon them and just downloaded them cuz of the name "thats what she said". But they have opened me up to a whole new world(any aladin jokes and ill kill you all) of podcast magic. I got PNSexplosion and pod is my copilot from them. Truely awesome! <3

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My bestie for this week...

THAT I WAS MENTIONED ON THATS WHAT SHE SAID PODCAST! Love you boys! and sorry for stealing bestie...buuuut i love it! Anywhozzle...nothing really new or exciting going on besides my shout out on TWSS episode 17. I did however decorate beckie's desk for her 21st bday which is tomorrow. Should be fun. Ok im outies!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sarah Palin just keeps on an outbreak of herpes.

So you would think after loosing such an historic election, one would show some class and do it with dignity. Like John McCain. Not that abortion of society Sarah Palin. She is a cancerous lump on the testicle of life. I was watching my shows today which include the pod casts of last night's countdown with keith olbermann, and the rachel maddow show. I also watched Morning Joe before i left. What can i say? Im a sucker for MSNBC. Anyfart, a conservative blogger or something did a documentary on america's walking punchline. When asked about the katie couric interview, it became apparent that she blames her failure on everyone but herself. She was shown a clip of katie on one of the late night shows asking why no one else has brought up the question of the newspapers. This conceited cunt(and i use that word with pure hatred for this woman) felt the need to say "cause youre not the center of everyone's universe, katie"...or something along those lines. Really bitch? I dont know why youre mad when you easily could have said the new york times, washington post or wall street journal and avoided the whole circus when the question was initially asked. You could have said Marmaduke for christ's sake. It probably would have been a more credible answer than what you gave. Then this douche nozzle of a host guy asked her about Caroline Kennedy and the NY senate seat. For those who dont know Caroline Kennedy is the daughter of JFK, was named as a possible replacement for HillaryClinton in the NY senate seat, and has no political background. She was however a very big supporter/campainger for Barack Obama and has since apparently shown an interest in polotics. Plus her name alone kinda helps. She's a kennedy AND sweet caroline of neil diamond fame. Anywhozzle, sore loser sarah palin went as far to say that caroline kennedy isnt getting as much bad rep as she was. She also had the testicular fortitude to say that its because Caroline Kennedy is in a higher class than her. First off you dumb peasant wannabe, Caroline Kennedy rides the MTA busses. I know that for a fact because a news anchor, wayyyy before even the election or primaries was reporting how she, or someone else, got on a bus and who does she see riding the bus? Daughter of formed prez JFK, Caroline Kennedy. asshole...not only were given $150,000+ by the RNC(republican national convention), you also have a tanning bed...IN YOUR FUCKING HOUSE. Now if theres one thing i know for certain its low class. Thats what i am and im proud to say it. And ill be god damned if you try to sully the good name of the poor/down trodden by playing the victim and acting all lower class. You and youre dumb husband and your fucked up little house on a praire family are the most pretencious bunch of fucks iv ever seen. First of all, poor low class trash such as myself were never on a high school basketball team-baracuda. Secondly, we name our kids normal names and not shit like trig and track or piper. Trig? really? cuz thats the downsie and im pretty sure that asshole aint gonna be doing any trig problems anytime soon. Asshat. But it doesnt end there. She also blames tina fey, and katie couric(poor katie) for exploiting her. You wanna talk about exploitation bitch? First off how about having your ex brother in law fired from his state police job by abusing your "power" as the governer of AK. Secondly how about getting the douche thats name after a jeans company of a future son in law an aprentice job he wasnt academically qualified for. For those who dont know, the job she got the kid who knocked up her whore daughter requires a high school diploma. This kid is such a winner that he dropped out and has no diploma. Another abuse of power. Strike two bitch. Or how about your skank daughters future mother in law. She wasnt arrested for selling drugs as not to interfere with YOUR campaign. Hmmm...abuse of power? Strike three-kill yourself.

As if sarah palin wasnt enough for the RNC to be embarassed about, how about the two candidates for RNC chairman? Did you guys know one sent a gift basket with a cd that included the song barack the magic negro? Or how about the other one had to drop out of an ALL WHITE GOLF CLUB. Welcome to 1963.

Now i know im not the best speller, or most articulate speaker...infact, in nervous situations, i tend to stutter...not bad, but just enough to notice...but if youre running for a public office, its probably NOT a good idea to be brainless or racist. And with that im out.

PS-Dont make fun of my spelling/grammer! I went to pennsbury after all!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So its pretty safe to say im a homo...

Well it just so happens that now until april 19 there is a totes awesome looking exhibit at the Franklin Institute. Its "The Chronicles of Narnia:The Experience." UHMMMMMM, I WANNA GO. Last time i was at the FI was for the Tit(hahaha tit)anic exhibit with pa dukes. It was pretty nifty. They had shit that the found on the titanic and replicas of the rooms and the stari case. They had an ice burg and some shits. Anywhoozle, this narnia jawn looks awesome. They have a big wardrobe and movie props and fake snows and some much ignance. I remember the days of yore when my dad would take us to the franklin institute with his work, which was a soda company whos name i will not divulge but it starts with a C and ends in OKE. They had the standard exhibits like the coal train, and the IMAX theatre, the recyling thing, the creepy sky bike, the giant heart-i dont know why, but the giant heart always ALWAYS smelled of it just me? Then they had the traveling exhibits like this one movie thing where they had a giant dinosaur and it had a blue screen behind it and you sat on it. They then had a camera pointed on you and on a screen it looked like you were riding a dino in a park full of people. BANGING. Then they had a giant coffee cup infront of a blue screen and camera and on a tv screen it looked like you were super duper small and being swatted at by a giant muppet. THEN they have a window sill with a camera in front of it that only recorded from your waist up so when you looked at the tv it looked like you were hanging from the sill. And then they had an awesome garbage monster thing that was part of another exhibit but i cant rememeber too many details. anyfuckinway, that place is bomb and i wanna go to the narnia exhibit.

In other news:
i got my obama stuff i ordered...a yard sign(cuz vikki stole mine....BITCH), a rally sign to hang upon my wall, a tee shirt and a tote back. Im also waiting for a shirt im getting for donating $30.00 which will be cool. Anywhich ways...heres a pic of barack obama looking sassy:

ANNNNNNNNNND here's robert and mickey:



And hell, heres a pic of bailey!!!!

Thats totally when we were getting our house done...i hate painting. Obv.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here's wishing me luck!

So i donated to the Obama campaign to try and win a trip to the inaug...and i think my essay is pretty banging! Lets hope they think so as well....HERE IT IS!!!

"No words can express the importance of this inauguration. From a young age my mother always told my sister and I how important the right to vote was. Growing up I never really appreciated it. Even learning about Susan B. Anthony and the 19th amendment, I did not really realize how precious of a right it was. It was not until Barack, standing up against negative words, and the smears from others, that I personally realized how great of a country we live in, and how lucky we are as a nation to be able to speak our mind by voting. Now that I am older, 22 years old, and go back over the 19th amendment, I realize exactly how important the fight of the suffragettes was. Watching Barack make his victory speech from Grant Park brought tears to my eyes. Barack has become a personal hero of mine for his courage standing up against the nay-sayers, the smears of his running mates in the primaries and general election, and the overall kindness that emanates from him and his entire family. Michelle is also a hero of mine as she has become a positive voice for the women of America. America is finally on the right track. This inauguration is personally important to me not only for the historic precedence it holds, but also because it opens the door for people of other races as well as women to lead this great country of ours. From the beginning, the Obama campaign has made me feel like an integral part of the election process. I believe Barack is extremely genuine and the fact that he gave his supporters the chance to dine with him twice shows he really cares about us and our thoughts and worries. With these hard economic times, I believe Barack can rise to the challenge and get our country and her people back on the right foot. I would be extremely honored to be able to witness this historic and moving event first hand."

Lets hope it catches the eye of the right individual. Nahmean?!

PS-Listen to That's What She Said the podcast...all the cool kids are! <3

Dear TJ, welcome to tha internetz!

So my friend Jeff (Jeffefa!) kept getting all up in my grille about creating a blog...sooooo....VOILA! Lets see....shits to blog about? Well im totes obsessed with the Kevin Rudolf album "In The City" BOYFRIEND ALERT! Looking forward to the Ludaxmas show this weekend at the electric factory. Trying to win tix to the inauguration. I gotta say im glad christmas is FINALLY over. That shit was a bit much this year. My mom made me and my sister accompany pa dukes to "A Chorus Line" at the forest theatre. Now, we all know how super gay i am for broadway, but this was the WORST show i have ever seen. It started out good and then just went downs hill. (yes the syndrome). Some good shit that did go down around christmas was the Wu Tang show at the troc. And Jeff Dunham at the Spectrum. Im way excited for Eugene Mirman on 1/17 in NYC with Isaac Danielle and Jeff. Should be fun. Ill be drunk. And its at comix which has BANGING foods. I also just got into the magic of podcast which i DL right to my phone from iTunes. Yes, be jeal, i totes have an iPhone! Ok that was retarded, feel free to hit me. I stumbled upon one that i just dled solely because of the name. "Thats What She Said" is two gay boys from LA (LOVE) just talking about gay things in gay life. It stars Christian and Brian and they are the two funniest boys iv ever heard! I highly recomend you check that ish out! As you can see i posted their pic at the top. Der. Anygay, im signin off for now. Im sure ill update this a lot at first and then itll fizzle out. Oh wellz, peace!

PS-I know the spelling mistakes are gratuatis. Some on purpose, some not so much, but i do know i am a HORRIBLE need to point it out! LOVES!